Northampton has the second highest amount of poverty compared to other parts of the UK. This has led to a high amount of charity shops as affordable ways to get clothing and other items. These charity shops are also a good way of not contributing to the growing labour issues in the Middle-East.

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The textile industry generally uses cheap labour from lower income countries in an attempt to make clothing for a lower cost. The fast changing fashion industry also means that often regulations are often ignored to get a product made and shipped before it becomes unfashionable. With low maintenance and low pay, it often leads to child and slave labour. This has been defined as fast fashion. This can however be avoided through the use of charity shops. Charity shops use recycled and donated goods and clothing and therefore encourage the reuse of old clothing over new.

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Wearing other peoples ‘cast offs’ may be unappealing to some people, however the cost savings can be enormous, and with the wide range available in the Northampton, it provides even more opportunity to get a good deal.


Another option if you can’t find fashion trends that suit you is getting creative and remaking them to fit fashion trends. There are an abundance of YouTube videos available to help when learning, however these trends can be as easy as ripping a pair of charity shop jeans or adding iron on embroidery to a new jumper.

By investing in your local charity shops it also means that the money spent can be put to good use, with some of the money being put towards helping the homeless in Northampton. This isn’t the only way that individuals can contribute as charity shops run on donations. By donating your old, un-used goods and clothing, you can help contribute to helping good causes.

Northampton’s charity shops are currently in urgent need of; women’s clothes, handbags and children’s toys. This however varies with your local charity shop.