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In the past few years, craft ale has made a massive comeback. Craft ale is defined by a beer that is made in either a traditional or non- mechanical setting on a small scale. The beers are often blended to unique recipes making their variety more than most other types of alcohol. In 2016, the amount of craft ale breweries in the UK increased by 8% making the total over 1700 breweries.

Barrells - enit

Phipps NBC is a history ale brand to Northampton who pride themselves on their novelty, historic recipes. Phipps has however had a rocky history. Although incredibly popular in the first half of the 1900’s, Phipps NBC faced a lot of competition from the growing lager industry due its longer shelf life. A lager company then offered some members of the Phipps family enough money to buy the company, and therefore shut down their production, monopolising the market.

Bigger and better

After their resurgence however in 2015, Phipps have already had to expand due to its increased demand across Northamptonshire and some other parts of the UK. They firstly credit their success to their historically popular recipes, and secondly to the incredibly good salt content of Northamptonshire’s water. This is also the reason for Carlsberg brewing in Northampton.


Below is a list of some of Phipps NBC’s best-selling ales.

Lastly, a resurgence of artisan beer is reaching the younger generation. In 2016, Phipps NBC was approached by the University of Northampton to help brew a university beer to be designed by the students and sold at the Students Union bar. This year, they are planning to create another beer with the university, designed to appeal to a younger audiences tastes with hopefully even greater success.

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