Niche in Northampton is a new web series to find the most unique and underrated places to go in Northampton. The first place being discussed is A Most Marvellous Place to Shop, a vintage shop on the outskirts of the town centre with a beautiful collection.

White room

When walking into the building, the first thing that catches the eye is the sheer size of the building, and secondly, the mass of amazing vintage clothing. The room is filled with historic and modern fashion creating an amazing spectacle for the eye.

Alice in wonderlandShoes

The shop also provides customers with the opportunity to visit the shops café, with a wide range of drinks and food for shop customers as well as people passing by on their way to the town centre. The café uses its surroundings of the vintage fashion to inspire its own decoration. It uses vintage chairs and tables to stretch the unique look of the shop into its café.


The shop has previously had craft classes and have plans to re-run them in the next few months. All members of staff are also happy to make you feel comfortable and happy. If you’re into fashion then this place is definitely worth a visit, and if not it also has a range of furniture and little trinkets to collect and gift.