The soundtrack is what makes this movie. And you are guaranteed to leave the cinema singing at the top of your voice and feeling happy and warm.

Beauty and the Beast was a triumph. At first there was scepticism that it would be no match for the 1991 classic. The original animation had everything a classic Disney needs. The live remake also had it all.

Emma Watson made the perfect Belle, with her bring the magic to life and portraying the characters back story in a way that wasn’t done before. We learned more about the fate of Belles mother and the tragedy of her death.

Dan Stevens portrayed the beast and brought the character to life. His solo in the film singing Evermore after Belle leaves, was truly magical. It was such a feel good scene with every inch of you wanting to stand up in the cinema and sing along. His pain was felt as well as his joy all through one song.

Directed by Bill Condon, it captured everything Disney is and everyone, young and old will enjoy this movie. It will leave you feeling happy and you will definitely need to get the soundtrack when you get home.

You can watch Beauty and the Beast in Cineworld or Vue Northampton. Tickets can be bought online.