There are some things you learn when you move to Northampton:

  1. You have an accent

    You might not think you have an accent. But you do. The Northampton accent is so mild that if you come from somewhere else, your voice will stick out like a sore thumb. There’s also a bit of a pronunciation discord. Some here pronounce bath b-arr-th and some pronounce it b-ah-th.

  2. No one knows where Northampton is


A typical conversation with your relatives when you announce where you’re moving to:

“Is that near London?”

“Kind of, mum.”

“What about Birmingham?”

“Kind of, mum.”

“Good shopping in Birmingham, then?”

“It’s an hour away, mum.”

  1. Northampton has a bad reputation


But we all know that isn’t true! Northampton has some stunning architecture, such as the guildhall, and a whole host of beautiful parks. We also have some awesome culture, fantastic theatres, and a great history with shoes!

4. Everyone is obsessed with shoes


Some people say they are obsessed with shoes. Some people even believe it. These people have not been to Northampton. We make shoes. We cherish shoes. We are shoes. Northampton has a deep, rich history with the shoe-making industry. It’s something people here are very proud of. There are still shoe makers all over Northampton, and even a shoe museum! If you aren’t interested in shoes, then maybe Northants isn’t the place for you.

5. Getting a bus is a nightmare

Photo credit: Alex Swanston

Sure, no one likes public transport. But getting a bus in Northampton should be an Olympic Sport. It’s taxing, time consuming, and leaves you tired out. Yes, our buses run very regularly, tend to be clean and tidy, and go everywhere you need them to. But there’s some downsides too. If you’re getting on at The Drapery, good luck. It’s busy, noisy, and there’s never any space for your bus when it needs to pull in. Likewise, queues can form at the bus station to get in and out that can last for over an hour on a bad day. But moan as we do, we love our public transport. We’d be lost without it. Quite literally.