As the summer comes ever closer, it is time to find some affordable places to catch some Vitamin D. Here are three different outdoor places to go to enjoy a picnic, a dog walk or even just a stroll during your lunch break.

1)Abington Park

Abington Park is the perfect place to go for a family day out or a picnic with friends or a significant other. The park firstly has an amazing array of flowers and greenery. Its well-kept beauty in a town full of cars and building just adds to its charm.

Beckets park - Flowers

The park also has sports facilities (such as tennis courts) and an aviary that is enjoyable for people of all ages, in particular young children who will see more colourful birds than the town centre has to offer.

Beckets Park - Bird

After visiting the aviary, playing some tennis or spending time with your loved ones then it may be time for a drink. The park also contains a small café that is perfect for cold or warm drinks to have in the sun, or when taking the dogs for a walk.

Beckets Park - cafe

2) The Racecourse

Although in the past few years the Racecourse has received some negative press, it is still undeniably a beautiful place to go. What it lacks for in flowers it makes up for with old trees, children’s play areas and plenty of greenery for activities.

Racecourse - Trees

The park optimises its space by putting in basketball courts, football fields and even a small rugby pitch. This park provides the perfect space to get in some exercise without the need for a gym membership. The park also has pathways running around and through for any avid runners in Northampton.

racecourse - football

And lastly, with its location right outside the university, it helps direct students to different places of interest for them.

racecourse- arrows

3) The river Nene.

Whilst not exactly a park, the river Nene provides a relaxing release from the town centre next door. About a five minute walk from the bottom of Bridge Street, the river is the perfect place to visit during a lunch break for some extra Vitamin D.

And lastly, if you’ve been amazed at the convenience of the walk along the river during your lunch break then you may want to consider living on one of the boats in the marina. It provides a low cost way of living with the convenience of never having to pack to move again.

Nene - Boat