When I first walked into John Franklin’s, all I was hoping for was a decent coffee. Firstly – they had cake. Lots of cake. In every variety you could possibly hope for. Coffee & walnut, Vicky sponge, brownies and even a jammy dodger cake!?

Secondly – the decor. Now I am one of those annoying people that has to photograph everything (especially beautiful furnishings) so it felt a little like walking into a very good dream. Greys & silvers throughout, industrial meets vintage glam and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – I spotted the lighting.

So now I had a decent coffee, a slab of cake (I went for red velvet) and I was sitting in a pretty armchair. It was so much more than that though. The atmosphere was relaxed, the music was great and the staff were lovely.

John Franklin’s is a perfect hangout whether you are with friends or on your tod. Next time I will visit a little later in the day to try some of their fantastic wines and cheeses.